Profession: DJ, Produzent
Style: Techno

Magmar’s love for electronic music started in the late 80’s with two Dual record players and mashed up tape recordings from sounds made with a Commodore C64. After dedicating almost 20 years to visual design, he decided to spend more creative time with his ears. His way of working with music simply reflects what is… Lese mehr


Profession: Produzent
Style: Techno

J.Blofeld is a young techno producer from the Rhine Neckar area. Very early he had great interest in music and started playing guitar at a young age. By the time it gone more and more towards electronic music. 2016 he celebrated his first release on Nachtwandler Records and belongs to the Nachtwandler team.

Björn Zimmermann

Profession: DJ, Produzent
Style: Deep-House, Tech-House,Techno

Born in the wild 70s; child of the long nights of the 90s. In the early 90ies he started the first step with djing. His unconventional, maddening style quickly fascinated the audience. After a longer break he was captured by the passion again in 2009, and since this time several stages followed. After starting with… Lese mehr


Profession: DJs, Produzenten
Style: Tech-House, Minimal, Techno, Trance

Since 1997 – first under the name FSG – Sascha Nösinger (Aspi) and Florian Kempf (Talon) are a good team and produce their tracks together . 2013 they decided to use a new name; and since they are known as “SpurweXXel” in the world of music. Both are also as  solo Producers and –Djs (Names:… Lese mehr


Profession: DJ, Live Act, Produzent
Style: Tech-House, Deep-House, Experimental

niju – that’s what the prehistoric cave peoples of the orient called the mystical waterfall where they came together at the source to dream themselves into the eternal hunting grounds to the hypnotic sounds of the skin drum and the rattle of the shaman every seventh night. That’s not the truth. niju simply quickens the… Lese mehr

Alternate 68

Profession: DJ, Live Act, Produzent
Style: Electro House, Dirty House, French House, Progressive House, Trance/Handsup

It was in 1998 that Sinan Uyar aka Alternate had made his first steps using Amiga 500. Time after time his curiousness has grown to combine several styles with each other. As he says:” Everything is allowed as long you get excited.” Alternate has started in mixing trance melodies, with some progressive house lines also… Lese mehr

Todd Turner

Profession: DJ, Produzent
Style: Tech-House, Minimal, Techno, Progressive House

His carrier already started during his childhood. In this time his father was a DJ, too and sometimes Todd came along with his dad to his gigs. He was such amazed and fascinated of the kind in which way people have been touched by the music and came together. On some friends parties he has… Lese mehr