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The label presents electronic music artists, who are playing with commitment. And this is the passion which brings them together with Nachtwandler Records.

Qualitative high leveled sounds are the priority on our daily agenda. The created sounds of the artists are unmistakable and shape the electronic music scene in Germany.

“Creating beats & styles on its own, bringing all creativity to the top, to enlarge the world of music, this is our motivation. When you like, what we love, then it connects us.”

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Ben Tax

Profession: DJ, Produzent | Style: Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House

The likeable Swiss is an integral part of the electronic music scene for many years now. His love for music and the unbridled passion behind the decks is unique.

Standing still is a foreign word for him, so he is active as an Event Organizer, DJ, label owner and producer.

Form and function of his sets are similar to a Swiss clockwork, atmospheric ticking, precise mixing in seconds and an absolutely reliable party guarantee.

The typical "Tax -Sound" is characterized by a journey through driving deep house waves and hypnotic tech house & techno tunes.


Profession: Produzent | Style: Techno

J.Blofeld is a young techno producer from the Rhine Neckar area. Very early he had great interest in music and started playing guitar at a young age. By the time it gone more and more towards electronic music. 2016 he celebrated his first release on Nachtwandler Records and belongs to the Nachtwandler team.


Profession: DJ, Produzent | Style: Techno

Magmar’s love for electronic music started in the late 80’s with two Dual record players and mashed up tape recordings from sounds made with a Commodore C64.

After dedicating almost 20 years to visual design, he decided to spend more creative time with his ears. His way of working with music simply reflects what is happening all around us. As technology fuses with our physical bodies, and sensors pimp our senses, his music blends analogue sounds and modular madness with digital.

Todd Turner

Profession: DJ, Produzent | Style: Tech-House, Minimal, Techno, Progressive House

His carrier already started during his childhood. In this time his father was a DJ, too and sometimes Todd came along with his dad to his gigs.

He was such amazed and fascinated of the kind in which way people have been touched by the music and came together. On some friends parties he has been started using their cd players. In 1996 he has been introduced to his future mentor Marc Gee. He taught him how to spin the records.

It did not take long before thieves have been rollin´into action for getting his first gigs. This wasn´t enough. Todd wanted to create his own tracks. First steps on Playstation ( well heard – Playstation ) – on Fluid, then Music, Music 2000, Music Generator 1 + 2 ( PS2 ). Together with Marc Gee he produced 16 albums. And when he bought his first computer, Todd couldn´t be stopped anymore.

At the moment he produces with Ableton and Reason. What else could be expected, in 2002 he formed DrOoVe-Clan, an event community. In the regional established Club called „Lagerhaus“, in Mannheim, he organized his first events. In 2006 he met Majo ( aka Majo Mann ). They founded the label „Raubfisch Records“. Three years later he left the label for parental leave/pausing for the following next 2 years.

For more than now 15 years Todd is spinning records with body & soul, and for sure an inherent part of Mannheim´s electronic music scene. His long lasting experience and his talent are warrantor for unforgettable party nights. As DJ he already played in big and famous clubs, in Germany, also abroad. He knows how to rock and to convince his audience with his technic and unique style.


Profession: DJ, Live Act, Produzent | Style: Electro House, Dirty House, French House, Progressive House, Trance/Handsup

It was in 1998 that Sinan Uyar aka Alternate had made his first steps using Amiga 500. Time after time his curiousness has grown to combine several styles with each other. As he says:” Everything is allowed as long you get excited.” Alternate has started in mixing trance melodies, with some progressive house lines also with bumping electro house beats.

He says:”electronic music is too beautiful to just concentrate on one style.” So he was assembling more and more impressions, extending his equipment and was producing new tracks during the years.

With Nachtwandler he found a strong partner. Both are dedicated to electronic music the same way and want to push the music scene of Mannheim.


Profession: DJ, Live Act, Produzent | Style: Tech-House, Deep-House, Experimental

niju – that’s what the prehistoric cave peoples of the orient called the mystical waterfall where they came together at the source to dream themselves into the eternal hunting grounds to the hypnotic sounds of the skin drum and the rattle of the shaman every seventh night. That’s not the truth. niju simply quickens the imagination. Whileordinary club sets often feel like a bumpy obstacle course through your ear canal, niju will take you to a musical high-wire garden. You float and prance through the thicket towards the mystical waterfall of versatile creativity.

A mix of impulsive deep-house, tech-house variations and downtempo influences may describe his sound. His perfomances always match to time, place and audience. Nijus productions are the expression of his love in music and his love in details. His dedication for the art itsself without having any expectations makes niju an extraordinary artist. This year he has coined – as a resident – the electro division of the emerging culture collective called peer23, who have created a comfortable home for themselves on the Friesenheimer Island in Mannheim. Colorful influences , fresh tracks, sets and new collaborations –
the coming period promises finest future music.


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